Blue Line Racing has announced a new traffic safety initiative to compliment the current Street Legal program. 

While the Street Legal Program objective was to alleviate street racing, getting drivers off the street and onto the track, the new Embracing New Roads campaign focusses its efforts on four areas of driver safety –  Speed, Alcohol (new marijuana laws), Distracted Driving, and Road Rage (attitude).  The Embracing New Roads program is specifically targets GenZ (16-24 years) in a format designed to open the dialog between youth and teachers, parents, police and among themselves.  

“As those directly involved with traffic safety, we have seen an increase in speed, distracted driving and alcohol related driving incidents involving young drivers – our team’s aim is to promote better driving habits, and understanding to create responsible drivers with new and young drivers”, says Mike Wynnyk, team member with Blue Line Racing.

Blue Line Racing has partnered with Alberta Transportation “Safe Roads” and is gearing up to launch the program in the Fall 2018 starting at Edmonton area high schools. 

To learn more about Blue Line Racing, Street Legal and the new Embracing New Roads program or to get involved visit