Coming off a good year in 2022, Plaizier Motorsports is going full-on in 2023 with 16 NHRA races scheduled both in the U.S. and Canada.

The Plaizier family, Eddy, Frankie, and Casey, will bring the same lineup of race cars from 2022. Eddy with the Team Ace Racing sponsored Anglia running in S/G, Frankie continuing to run the ’82 Camaro in Super Street, and Casey with his ’56 Chevy Belair also competing in the Super Street class. Eddy will race the Anglia in S/G, Casey the ’56 competing in Super Street, Frankie in the Firebird competing in Super Street.

The first race on the Plaizier Motorsports 2023 schedule was the NHRA Division 7 “double header” event at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park, Chandler, AZ, February 23-26. During this time Eddy was profiled on “Attention in the Pits”, featuring his Anglia, watch now”.

At the NHRA March Meet in Bakersfield, CA, Eddy entered the Anglia in the C/Gas class that runs against index of 9.60. During first round qualifying, out of 29 entries, Eddy qualified number 6 with a 9.626 ET at 135.35 MPH, then in round two moved down two spots to 8 after running 9.617 ET at 135.20 MPH, and in the final round stayed in number 8 spot with a 9.617 ET at 135.20 MPH.

In round one elimination, the Anglia ran a 9.582 ET with a reaction time of .046 to his competitors 9.528 ET and .081 reaction time, moving Eddy into the next round. Round two, Eddy dialed in a 9.648 ET and .052 reaction time, enough to place him into round three. With his competitor fowling, Eddy ran a 9.590 ET and .043 reaction time at the light, pushing him into the semi-final round.

His 9.609 ET and .048 reaction time, against an equal reaction time and 9.648 ET, put him into the finals. All Eddy needed was a 9.721 with another great reaction time of .050 against his competitor who ran a 9.584 ET and reaction time of .174, to give him the win. Congratulations!

Coming off his win at Bakersfield, Eddy returned to Phoenix for the March 24-26 NHRA National event, then headed to NHRA Winter Nationals in Pomona, CA. Eddy is competing at the Las Vegas Spring Fling race week of April 3rd. It’s a high-dollar 1/8-mile bracket race.

As son Casey and Celeste are expecting their first child, as well as waiting for a new motor for the ’56 Chevy. That means both Casey and Frankie will start their 2023 season at the divisional race in Boise, ID June 2-4.  Eddy is also waiting on a new motor for the Firebird. When it arrives in about two months, this will give Eddy the option of either running the Anglia or the Firebird, First, he will test and then decide if he will stick with the Anglia or go with Firebird in super-street, and bracket racing.

The Plaizier Motorsports 2023 race schedule is dictated by the classes run. All three will run together as a family when possible. After the divisional race in Boise, ID June 2-4, all three will head north to their hometown, Edmonton, Alberta for the bracket race.


After that, the Plaizier’s head to the following races:

  • Oil City Classic – Edmonton, AB – June 23-25.
  • NHRA Divisional – Woodburn, OR – July 13-16
  • NHRA National – Seattle, WA – July 21-23
  • West Coast Classic – Mission, BC – July 28-30
  • NHRA Divisional – Seattle, WA – August 10-13
  • West Coast Summer Classic – Medicine Hat, AB – August 18-20
  • NHRA Divisional – Acton, MT August 24 – 26
  • NHRA National – Dallas, TX – October 12-15
  • NHRA Divisional – Las Vegas, NV – November 2-5

Plaizier Motorsports will run the Oil City Classic on June 23-25 at Edmonton, AB. This is an opportunity to show their appreciation for their Canadian based sponsors. Two of their largest supporters are RAD Torque and Thompson Brothers Construction.

When it comes to Eddy’s future, he plans to keep racing for years to come, but approaching it more conservatively from an MPH perspective. Frankie and Casey will be juggling racing with staying home and raising a family.

The long-term plan is to stick with the four race cars, the Team Ace Racing sponsored Anglia, 82’ Camero, ’56 Chevy Bel Air, and the Firebird. Having four race cars provides more versatility allowing Plaizier Motorsport to compete at the NHRA National events, Divisional races, hi-dollar bracket races, and continue to run together. After all, a family that races together, stays together.